Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where we are; what it's like...

A day in the life (a weekday, that is) goes a little like this:

The bubs get up around 6:15, and come snuggle in bed with me until a less god-forsaken hour. They've learned to check the clock for seven-zero-zero.

I let Daisy out, and then I check my progress on the Wii-Fit thingie. It's fun. I've unlocked most of the yoga poses, all of the balance games, more than half of the strength exercises, and most of the aerobic games, too. I'm not really losing weight, but it feels good.

I get the bubs and myself some breakfast, and then we get dressed for the day.

We've been walking to the two parks nearby.

They're each about a half-mile away, in different directions.

It's really, really nice to be within walking distance of parks.

Picnics FTW!!!


We've also walked a few times to the duck pond, and the library near there. That's a little more than a mile, one way - so it's not as frequent a destination. The duck pond has turtles swimming along with the ducks! They are sooooo cute. I'll take pictures next time. I have this fear of dropping the camera into the water. You KNOW me... it could happen.

We either walk to the park or get some chores done in the morning. We play in the backyard if it's not hot (and humid) enough to induce a stroke. The deck is always awesome.

TV is also awesome.

After lunchtime comes blessed nap time. We love nap time. Well, I love nap time.

While the bubs sleep, I do the Wii-fit thing and walk on the treadmill, then shower.

In the afternoons we try to spend some time on "school" type things (reading books, building with blocks, using the computer, working on letters, shapes and numbers, etc.) Sometimes the bubs help me with dinner prep. They also enjoy TV some more.

I've been making dinners since Robbie went back to work last week (doing the week-before-school teacher-stuff that needs to be done). I enjoy the cooking, too. Robbie eats a very low-carb diet due to her diabetes. It's been an interesting challenge to try and change my cooking style around to accomodate that! I am the carb-queen. I never met a carb I didn't like. I need to learn some new recipes.

We have dinner around 6:30, and then baths and bed for bubs around 8:00.

Then we have time to be grown-folk! Some nights we play pinochle. That's always fun. Also, Robbie and Randy have a Wii-Netflix disk (you can request instant Netflix movies and TV shows), and Dan and I have been watching shows. Oh! I read Jodi Picoult's "Change of Heart" and really enjoyed that. Randy's reccomended a slew of books as well, and I've been reading some of "The Manchurian President" by Aaron Klein. I need to be knitting, too.

...And that's about it. Normal days, beginning to fall into a pattern, and that's a good thing. It helps me feel less like I can't breathe. I love routine. The bubs love routine. Win-win.

Tomorrow we're going to get some chores done (grocery shopping, and moving some furniture to and fro) and then Tuesday will start a new week. I'll take more pictures and update. Promise

You update, too, please. :-)


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  1. Yay! The pictures of the boys are so wonderful! I miss those little guys!